WordPress runs about 25% of all Websites all around the worlds and will continue to grow.


Whether you choose woocommerce, big commerce or magento, Nomis Solutions has you covered.  Our developers are flexible and knowledgeable on both the front-end design (HTML, CSS, javascript) as well as the back-end to offer best tech consultants.

SPA Sites

Single Page Applications (SPA) websites are designed for a quick-turnaround time, content-filled and EZ to navigate.

UX Design

User experience design is a concept that aims to improve customer satisfaction through the all around ease of use and the delight people feel when navigating your website.

Development of websites using the WordPress CRM to manage content and company’s Internet MKTG medium.  Start selling products for your business with an e-commmerce website built with all the needs of today’s changing technologies. Track all orders, create invoices and build new customer base with our e-commerce solutions built just for your business, all under one roof, with Nomis Solutions.

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